What Is an SR22? All Your Questions Answered

This ultimate guide to the SR22 Insurance Certification has been conceived as a FAQ. It aims to answer all your questions regarding costs, providers, laws, and requirements. It has been conceived by tapping into the expertise of the most reputable sources—from Wikipedia to the biggest providers (Progressive, Nationwide – Titan, Geico, Allstate – Esurance, and Acceptance). Check out the questions … [Read more...]

The Definitive Guide to Distracted Driving

In case you need the definition of distracted driving, know that it’s a silent killer—it’s anything that stands to divert your attention from what’s at hand, namely the wheel to your car. There is no such thing as a safe distraction from driving, since anything on the list below puts the driver, their passengers, and all innocent bystanders at risk. The most common distractions from driving … [Read more...]

Where Do I Get Cheap SR22 Insurance?

Think drinking is cheap entertainment? Think all you need to do is find a good old dive and hang out with your buddies, shelling out the $$ on the Bud Lights? It may be affordable fun—until you reach that point where you have to look into getting quotes for SR22 insurance. You’re an adult (hopefully) so we’re going to assume you know about the costs of a DUI. Of course, there’s the fines and the … [Read more...]

What Are the Requirements for SR22 Insurance?

We’ve previously covered the answer to the question ‘what is SR22 insurance?’—today we look at the specific requirements of each state. As a primer, it’s important to understand that the SR22 and related form FR44 are not insurance policies per se. They’re just forms which prove future financial responsibilities for drivers and/or owners who have been found in violation of various regulations. In … [Read more...]

Need DUI Insurance? Get All Your Drinking & Driving Facts in One Place

So you need auto insurance, now that you’ve committed a DUI violation, right? In fact, you’d like the cheapest possible rates and quotes around (though in your heart of hearts, you understand that DUI insurance is never really cheap). Drunk driving is a serious offense, so it’s normal that it should majorly affect your insurance costs, by way of a premium increase. But we discuss how much DUI … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Resource Page for Youths’ Drunk Driving

Underage drinking is a social problem that needs to be approached in an unbiased way, with a level-head, so that the ideal solutions are found to satisfy both the teens and students’ desire for fun and the parents and teachers desire to shield them from the consequences. Repeatedly telling the college students and teenagers with their ears in reach that drinking is bad for them just amounts to … [Read more...]